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How to locate your required remote control

To locate your required remote control you will first need to find either your original remote control number or the model number of the equipment that your remote is intended for (e.g. your TV, DVD or freeview model number)

Finding your original remote number

Usually your original remote number will be printed on either the front of your original remote or inside the battery compartment.

Remote Number

Finding your equipments Model Number

To locate the model number of your equipment that your required remote is intended for there are a few different options.

For televisions - The model number is usually located on the back of the equipment on a label, there will usually be a few different numbers such as the serial number, chassis number and the important 'Model Number.
The only number required is the model number, please view the diagram below for an example location of the required number.


For DVD and freeview equipment - The model number on both DVD players and Freeview boxes can usually be found either on the front panel of the equipment or more commonly on the bottom of the equipment on a label.

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